Minciencias waives 100% of educational loan for 130 Colombian professionals

Minciencias waives 100% of educational loan for 130 Colombian professionals

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has agreed to cancel 100% of the educational credits of 130 specialists with doctoral and master’s degrees, who conducted their studies in Colombia and abroad.

The purpose is to continue to encourage Formation of qualified human capitalThrough research, science, technology and innovation as a model of opportunity for the various challenges faced by the country.

Arturo Luna, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation says, “We are developing different strategies that promote investigative work for more Colombians, and therefore, in the government of President Gustavo Petro, will follow

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The professionals who belong to the high-level training calls offered by Minciencias benefit, through this forgivable credit program, which seeks, through technological development and innovation, to generate and transfer knowledge to continue contributing to the development of our territory.

The 130 beneficiaries advanced their studies in the best universities in the country and the world, in fields such as engineering, environment, marine, social sciences, education, biotechnology and health sciences.With contributions from the state general budget and the allocation of science, technology and innovation to the general system of royalties.

This approval is responsible for the cancellation committee in the ministry, for example

Responsible for deciding whether to grant full or partial amnesty to

The beneficiaries, which consist of the directors of Minciencias.

All beneficiaries belong to the calls made by Minciencias and, therefore, the corresponding decision will be issued in the coming weeks. Both the beneficiaries and the academic operator will be notified to create peace of mind.

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