Mom slaps her son arrested for theft

Mom slaps her son arrested for theft

National Police agents arrested members criminal gang “Carabilo dogs”, made up of a 15-year-old teenager and a 20-year-old boy. The latter was slapped by his mother, who reprimanded him in front of the officers for his actions.

Images broadcast by the news program América Noticias can be seen when the 20-year-old criminal who has already been arrested shows a defiant stance against the police officers who intervened. At that time his mother Slap him to keep silent.

“Macho, believe yourself. Shut up, learn how to respect,” the father told her delinquent son who was framed inside a patrol car. The family’s mother assisted police officers in the interrogation and managed to convince her son that he acted with three other people to steal things inside a house.

Luis Aldair Sánchez Illescas, nicknamed “Poppy,” was intervened when he attempted to steal a 60-inch TV and two computers from the property in Carabayllo.

“Neighbors were able to notice that these people left the house with these artifacts and called 105,” said Col. Javier Villa, head of the emergency department of the Philippine National Police.

Immediately, agents patrolled where they found the location of Sanchez Eliscas and 15 years accomplice.

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“Poppy” mentions the history of the car theft and was made available to Carabayllo Depincri while the minor was left in the hands of the family prosecutor’s office.

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