Why the West should keep a close eye on the emerging alliance between Iran and Russia

Why the West should keep a close eye on the emerging alliance between Iran and Russia
A drone took off during a military exercise in an unknown location in Iran (Iranian Army / WANA / Reuters)

Iran is providing more and more military and financial aid to Russiadeepening the alliance Western countries should watch it carefully It can turn the tide of conflict into UkraineA specialist warned in the newspaper this Thursday Washington Post.

“Since China and India refuse to sell arms to Russia, Iran could become an essential conduit for arms and money.”, the international relations specialist wrote in a column David Ignacio.

The expert cited US intelligence officials who… They warned that the alliance between the two countries was “not just a tactic.” s who – which New Iranian aid could ‘change the game’ in Ukrainewhile viewing a file Vladimir Putin’s growing desperation six months after the invasion.

Intelligence officials say so Moscow initially hesitated to approach Tehran, who distrusts his leaders and who has consistently opposed their nuclear ambitions. Russia likes to see itself as a great power that does not need the help of a troublesome neighbor.”

However, he ended up accepting military assistance from the Iranian regime, which is an order.”Shows great despair In the Kremlin with weapons stocks running out, the British newspaper The Guardian quotes a senior US official Mail.

Currently, Russia is struggling to keep up with the flow of weapons from the United States and its NATO allies into Ukraine, and Russia cannot afford that demand. This serves a short-term need. But it puts Russia in a much more isolated and dangerous place.”And the Ignatius warned.

Specifically, the Persian system began to deliver To Moscow hundreds of domestically manufactured UAVs, Perhaps part of the series “Shahid” that Iran has succeeded in using Iraq s Syria.

The Russians were quick to put Iranian drones on the battlefield. “Over the past few weeks, Russian officials have conducted exercises in Iran as part of the drone transfer deal.”said the spokesperson National Security Council To the columnist Mail.

The official confirmed that Russia launched the Iranian satellite “Khiam” this month. what’s wrong with that Great spy capabilities.

A Russian Soyuz missile takes off to put an Iranian satellite into orbit (Roscosmos via AP)
A Russian Soyuz missile takes off to put an Iranian satellite into orbit (Roscosmos via AP)

Regarding financial aid, Tehran has offered to share its infrastructure from shell companies and other institutions to help Russia evade sanctions.

for this part, Russia sent Gazprom executives to Tehran and other companies to expand economic ties with Moscow and build a framework to circumvent sanctions. Iranian economic officials also visited MoscowAnd the The specialist added.

Under what traders call a “swap” deal, Iran could import Russian crude to its northern coast on the Caspian Sea and then sell equivalent quantities of the crude on Russia’s behalf in Iranian tankers leaving the Persian Gulf.pointed out.

The alliance could also add a new obstacle to renewing the Iran-Iran nuclear deal, an agreement that multiple sources say could come closer than ever after US officials said TIran relinquished some of its main demands.

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