Montoya: The scientists supported Castillo because he would promote the Ministry of Science


the world Modesto Montoya On Monday, he said all of his colleagues hope that Pedro Castillo will promote science and technology, as well as encourage the creation of a ministry that can focus exclusively on these issues.

He was supported by all scholars and his campaign was as follows: Promote science and technology and establish a ministry, that’s why they are so happy. The country’s priorities will certainly give you the ideas to make the right decisions. All scientists hope this is your decision قرارHe told the press as soon as he left the convention center, where he participated in the process of moving the government.

In this sense, the physicist referred to it Peru Libre did not confirm the establishment of the said ministry He stressed that the president-elect, if promoted, will mention it in his speech.

Montoya also commented that during this time, wealth is found in people’s knowledge, so it is necessary to promote both subjects.

“We hope that science and technology will be the basis for the true independence of Peru in these aspects He stressed that, as everyone knows, in these moments wealth is in knowledge.

Finally, he confirmed that he did not speak with the Secretary General of Peru Lieber, Vladimir Siron. “I didn’t get a chance,” he said.

Starting the installation of management transfer commissions

new government Pedro Castillo He launched the installation of management transfer committees in 19 sectors of the executive branch, task forces that began meeting with departing officials to expedite the exchange of information.

Along the same lines, the Cajamarca teacher entrusted the coordination of this process to the Vice-President-elect, Dina Bulwart.

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