Morant asserts that science will be part of rebuilding La Palma

Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morant said Thursday that science will be part of the reconstruction of La Palma to give this island “a future and hope” after the volcanic eruption.

The minister stressed, in statements to the media, that the flag was present in the event of a volcano emergency and is present in a post-emergency situation.

He insisted that scientists and research centers continue to be located on the island and monitor, for example, the presence of carbon dioxide in Puerto Naos to protect the lives of people, who for this reason could not return home.

Morant reported that this Wednesday he met with the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction of La Palma, Hector Izquierdo, and with scientists from various research centers to talk about the projects they want to develop on the island.

“We will live up to the researchers and their requests, which are only those that society needs,” he added.

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