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For subscribers and for those who want to join the entertainment giant’s new streaming service, these are all January premieres in Disney Plus, Including original movies and series like Marvel’s WandaVision. Here we review it.


Magic Camp (January 15)
Evan Alone (January 22)
Clouds (January 29)


Much Beyond: Creating a Frozen II Movie (January 8)
Marvel Studios: Legends (January 8)
WandaVision (15 January)
The Life of a Dog with Bill Farmer (January 15)
The Muppets Now (january 22)
Pixar Popcorn (January 22)
High School Musical: Music: Sing Along (January 22)
Marvel 616 (29 January)

Special offers

High School Musical: Musical: Series: Special (January 15th)

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Arnoldo Restaurant

Other versions

Epic (January 8)
Doolittle 3 (15 January)
Eragon (15 January)
Everest Expedition (15 January)
Gender Revolution (January 15th)
The Book of Life (January 22)
In Search of Amelia (January 22)
Wild Uganda (22 January)
Total rhyme (January 22)
Girl and Girl 2 (January 22)
Ramona and Bezos (29 de Inero)

More series

El Jardin De Clarilú (8 January)
Art Attack: Season 3 (January 8)
The Science of the Absurd: Chapters 3 & 4 (January 8)
TOTS: Animal Delivery Service (January 15th)
When the bell rings (january 15)
Veterinary Secrets: Season Two (January 22)
The Science of the Absurd: Season 5 & 6 (January 22).
Betty, my ugly beauty (january 29)
Camp Kikiwaka (January 29)

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