Yesterday we discovered the great news of Netflix for January 2021 And now it was his turn Disney +. Among its launches, the highly anticipated Scarlet Witch and Vision stands out in its light, but there are more additions to the platform’s catalog that are likely of interest to you:

All the movies and shorts that arrive

New mutants

The last movie in the X-Men universe before an apparent reboot that Disney hasn’t announced yet. It is a pity that there will be no continuity, as here is presented a strange group of superheroes in a movie that flirts with horror openly and has a well-chosen cast.

January 29

Criticism in Espinov

All serials that arrive

The Scarlet Witch and the vision

The MCU’s highly anticipated first live-action series on Disney + promises to be an atypical show led by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. For now, this mix of superhero history and homage to classic sitcoms knows how to grab our attention without revealing much about its plot.

January 15

  • Marvel Studios Legends: January 8

All documents arrive

Giant Hammerhead Shark


This month it looks like sharks when it comes to the first documentaries on Disney + and I caught my eye with Dr. Neil Hammerschlag who started a search to find out more about this mysterious shark, a species that can reach 6 meters in height. More than 450K.

January 1

  • 700 Sharks: January 1
  • “The Guide to Great Sharks”: Jan 1st
  • “Flight of Amiriya Earhart”: 22 January
  • Wild Uganda: Enero 22

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