Movistar+ launches in September 2021: News


Between Alejandro Amenábar’s new movie and a documentary about the flagship of The Pogues, there’s an apocalypse in Mexico. and that is Just a small sample of what Movistar + has for September. The platform starts the course with documentaries on music, 9/11, adventure films and exclusive series. These are all his suggestions.

premiere series


Alvaro Mel, Anna Polforosa, Cara Ecclegaldi and Stanley Tucci lead an international team in this ambitious series that begins when A young diplomat confronts an American treasure hunting company over the remains of a sunken Spanish wreck. Alejandro Amenabar directs his first series based on the comedy “El tesoro del Cisne Negro” written by Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral. An ambitious and atypical production that relives the best of traditional adventure genres.

  • Premiere September 30

all september series

  • billions‘T5 (Part Two) (7/9)
  • “The Vigil: A Nuclear Plot” (13/9)
  • “American Rust” (13/9)
  • work in progress‘T2(19/9)
  • Emmy Awards (9/19)
  • AP CV‘T4 (23/9)
  • “La Fortuna” (9/30)


New order

Winner of the Venice Jury Prize, this shocking film plays with the ideas of the dystopian filmmaking An accurate picture of the conflicts that generate class differences in Latin American countries (Although it is easy to extrapolate to other regions of the West.) Michel Franco uses a rich children’s wedding and real-time narration to unleash a story of suspense, tension and social commentary that is pure dynamite and metaphor.

  • Premiere September 14

All September 2021 premieres from Amazon, Filmin and Disney+: 'Y: The Last Man', 'Guardians of the Night', 'Barbarella' and more

Documentaries & premiere events

Pottery in Gold: Bebiendo con Shane McGowan’

In September, Movistar + documentaries are divided into two large groups. On the other hand, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the events of September 11th. On the other hand, a large number of musicals are devoted, among others, to Frank Zappa or Bunbury or the wonderful “soundtrack of revolution” about music and social changes. This film is also interesting to the British punk expert Julian Temple, where he reviews the long and grueling career of Major Shane McGowan, captain of The Pogues.

  • Premiere September 8

All documentaries for the month of September

  • “Zappa” (02/9)
  • “Rage Against the Machine in Concerto” (3/9)
  • 20th Anniversary of 9/11: 9/11: The Day That Changed the World, Generation 9/11 and 9/11: The Man in the Air (from 06/9)
  • Gold Rock: Bebiendo con Shane McGowan(08/9)
  • “The Legacy of Islam” (8/9).
  • ‘US vs. China: The Clash of Titans’ (9/9)
  • Highlight(10/9)
  • “Bunbury Flowing Show” (15/9)
  • “Seeds of deception” (9/15).
  • “Black Power, D. Steve McQueen” (16/9)
  • Unnatural: Racism in School, by Steve McQueen (9/16)
  • “Truman and Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation” (23/9)
  • “A soundtrack for a revolution” (26/9)
  • truffle hunters(29/9)
  • Eden: The Far Paradise (n.d.)
  • Hollywood Spotlight: EMMYS 2021

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