My best friend, Anne Frank: How’s the movie playing on Netflix amid controversy

My best friend, Anne Frank: How’s the movie playing on Netflix amid controversy

Two films about Anne Frank have been released in recent months. In the beginning came the role of the Israeli Ari Vollman and his innovative approach to dealing with the famous newspaper Where is Anne FrankIt premiered in July at the Cannes Film Festival. Using post-commissioned animation by the Anne Frank Foundation, director Bashir’s dance I imagined Kitty’s present—the imaginary friend she refers to in her writings—who sets out in search of a teenage girl in Central Europe with a refugee crisis.

My best friend Anne Frankthe newest film about young women, may have a more classic title, but it’s a milestone: it’s the first major Dutch production about the young woman who sought refuge from the Nazis in the Amsterdam Annex between 1942 and 1944, and it’s the first film project centered on Hannah Goslar, The true girlfriend of the hero, whose testimony can be found in Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend (1997), by Alison Leslie Gould.

The impact of the film’s premiere—starting today on Netflix globally after it became a hit in theaters back home—is evidenced by recent events surrounding the diary author. In mid-January, a new investigation that had Vince Bangkok, a former FBI agent, on his team, indicated with “85% certainty” that they had finally found Anna and her family’s informant: Jewish notary Arnold van den Berg, who had gained access to To addresses through records kept by the Jewish Council in the capital of the Netherlands.

Dutch historians have strongly questioned this hypothesis, and as a result of these doubts, the local publisher Ambo Anthos has just announced that it is delaying the reprint of the book containing the said work, pending their receipt of the researchers’ “response to the ‘questions raised by their work'”.

Thus, it remains a mystery who betrayed the teenager in August 1944, which led to her discovery and transfer to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she died of typhus in February 1945.

My best friend Anne Frank Don’t try to shed light on this question yet without a solution. The purpose of director Ben Sumpogart (twin sisters) consists of approaching the story of the young woman as a movie Coming of agea story of growth that took place in Amsterdam before persecution against the Jews became more severe and their free movement became impossible.

Anne Frank and Hana Goslar met two classmates in Amsterdam, but their relationship transcends the semester. Noting that this is “the Hana Goslar story” and that “certain parts have been adapted or condensed for dramatic purposes,” the film moves fluidly through those blissful days when they fantasized about movie stars, peeked at first love and promised to take care of each other forever.

This permanent age never existed, but life was especially cruel in the case of these young women, who were never goodbye in the same streets where they strengthened bonds, looked after each other and also fought. The other half of the tape, which appears in parts and then takes over the story, is dedicated to the time Goslar was imprisoned. She and her sister Gabe were placed in a Bergen-Belsen exchange camp, where “the situation was not as bad as in the area where Anna and Margot died shortly before their release,” says the film. With logical reasons, Frank reduces his presence in the plot, as the horror of the Holocaust grows as an unstoppable force.

But there was a way out. Hana later became a nurse in Palestine and today, at the age of 93, sees her vision of history come to life on screen, the brief but happy period during which she met her dear friend.

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