Ruby, The True Story of a Rescued Dog Nobody Wanted to Adopt Who Succeeded in a Police Rescue Team Came to Netflix | cinema | entertainment

Ruby, The True Story of a Rescued Dog Nobody Wanted to Adopt Who Succeeded in a Police Rescue Team Came to Netflix |  cinema |  entertainment

The true story is the basis for the new Netflix original movie called Ruby saved her (Save her Ruby or Save Ruby, in Spanish), as Grant Justin (who starred in the popular series) flash) is a police officer who dreams of being part of the K-9 dog rescue team.

platform family adventure flow The world’s largest is inspired by a real case that happened in Rhode Island, United States, where a puppy, a mix of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie, named Ruby, was adopted five times and returned five times to the animal shelter.

This is because Ruby had such a playful personality that it was almost impossible to handle. By the age of eight months and seeing that she had not adapted to any family, the dog would have been euthanized. But the shelter’s caregiver, Patricia Inman, did not lose her faith and was eventually adopted by police officer Daniel O’Neill..

O’Neill started training Robbie on the idea of ​​being a part of K-9’s search and rescue team, but he ran into a serious problem, that she’s never domesticated, so it’s a good idea to ruin some things or not. Obey him. Although he did not lose confidence.

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In the end, Robbie was able to reach the rescue team. In 2017, a teenager went missing when he went into the woods for a walk, so a mission to find him was launched by some neighbors and local police. The young man is the son of Inman, the only one who believed in the cub. Ruby finds the teenager’s body unconscious after 36 hours.

Daniel and Robbie have been together for ten years. The dog was awarded the Best Police Dog award in 2018.

Robbie is still working with cop Daniel O’Neill in America. Photo: Netflix

Another interesting fact about the movie is that the dog featured in the movie was also living in a shelter and was rescued at the last minute by the AV trainers.

The Ecuadorean co-produced the film

Ecuadorean David Bercovici ArtidaDirector of Photography, co-produced this film.

He has filmed documentaries throughout South America and is a member of the International Camera Guild, the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, the Canadian Film and Television Academy, and the Canadian Directors Guild.

He has a comprehensive and collaborative approach, according to him web pagein the audiovisual business with BBC, CBC, Unicef, Disney and now Netflix.

Via his Instagram account, he was delighted with the number of views the movie had about Ruby, which was in the top ten in the United States. In Ecuador, it is also among the most watched on Netflix.

“Still No. 2 with over 19 million watch hours. Made with love,” Keto wrote. (me)

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