“Natasha,” the dog who quickly went out to drive a motorcycle


In recent days, a video has spread in which someone is riding a motorcycle with him Puppy On Tire Regional Avenue in Invegado, Antioquia, Colombia.

Sebastian Mejia, next to Natasha, it’s a Breed Pitbull Bitch, They are the ones who appear in the recording made from a car by a citizen who recorded the maneuver from his cell phone.

With protective materials like glasses and jacket, In the photos, the animal is shown holding the handle of a low-barrel motorcycle with its front feet.

The video that started going viral on social media and was posted Twitter It takes more than 100,000 copies, more than 5,000 likes, and has been retweeted more than a thousand times.

Bearing in mind that the video became popular within hours, The case has been reported to Envigado Mobility TrustThey considered it an irresponsible route for the driver, who was also seen smoking while the dog was holding the leash.

From the Envigado Traffic authorities indicated that after searching for Sebastián to impose a penalty on him due to Maneuvering in a dangerous way and endangering the lives of other actors, as well as the dog.

However, in his defense, Sebastian Mejia She said the prostitute is fully trained in this type of maneuver. According to him, seven years ago when the dog was only four months old, I started riding a motorcycle.

Happy companions

According to the information published by Radio CNN, the 29-year-old man lives in Sabaneta, in Antioquia, and was heading to Medellin with “Natasha” to visit him at the time of the video recording. On his commanding responsibility with the mascot, he announced this to the radio station:

“I was naturally dating the dog and they didn’t tell me anything. I took her advice and they told me that if the agent didn’t see me, fire the motorcycle to the dog like in the video, I have no problems.”

Mejia consulted the attorneys and traffic agents who told him this Directional video is not a punishable test, but can be fined if caught in the act of committing a crime.

Although Sebastian has not yet been notified of any fine, he announced that his pet’s Instagram account went from 60 followers to 5,890 after posting his video.

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