“Nate is better than ever” a movie that invites people to realize their dreams

“Nate is better than ever” a movie that invites people to realize their dreams

On April 1 at Disney Plus, “Nate Better Than Ever” will be available, the latest Disney movie about the life of a young man who dreams of singing on Broadway. Nate Foster, played by Robbie Wood, is a 13-year-old boy who is ready to change his life when he decides to audition for a play in New York. In a virtual press conference, attended by Publimetro, Tim Federle, writer and producer of the film, shared, “This movie made a dream come true because my case was of a boy from Pittsburgh who dreamed of acting on Broadway.” In fact, in 2013 Tim Federle published the novel “Better Nate Than.” Ever” without knowing that it would become a Disney movie.

“I’ve done the High School Musical series starring Joshua Bassett and it’s about a group of kids who love theater and ‘Nate is better than ever’ I wrote nearly 10 years ago and the book itself starred and he got a call from Disney and was told they wanted Federel commented that turning my book into a movie was very exciting.Nate’s Robbie Wood said, “I feel very honored to be involved in this project and working with these actors has been amazing.”

Ruby Wood fulfills Tim Federel’s dreams of portraying the perfect Nate

Along the same lines, Aria Brooks “Libby” said she “loves Libby’s character” because she loves “all the support that she gives Nate and that she’s her best friend.” As for “Anthony,” Joshua Bassett said Tim Federle invited him to be a part of that movie and he accepted it right away. “I read the script and immediately called Tim to ask how I could get involved in this project,” Joshua said. “This is a great story and it’s great to wake up knowing that you’re working on something that can help so many people and that’s a huge honor and I couldn’t be more proud,” Bassett said.

Lisa Kudrow, the actress known to be part of the cast of Friends playing Aunt Heidi and at the conference, said, “Working with the cast has been great and I love it especially when you’re sharing your time with beautiful people.” “When I read the story I loved it and wanted to be a part of this movie, Tim let us do whatever we wanted and it was the perfect job,” Lisa said. Lisa Kudrow concluded, “Heidi is the estranged aunt who dreamed of being on Broadway and was very easy to get along with because he wrote this novel.”

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