The Elsa Pataky movie that is sweeping Netflix

The Elsa Pataky movie that is sweeping Netflix

Among the June releases of Netflix, we have highlighted you Interceptormovie about a job Carefree and direct championship Elsa Pataky. Now we know, From the same hand as Netflixs With over 35 million watch hoursthat the tape has become Most watched movie on streaming platform Immediately. Working with Elsa Pataky as a soldier ruined many other blockbuster films that were further popularized through the portal.

Simple and direct action movie that captured the audience

At this time, The Interceptor is currently the most successful movie on the platform with over 35.6 million watch hours, beating other projects and movies like A Perfect Pairing. Led Interceptor Matthew RileyHe tells us a story, JJ Collins Captain, having accomplished her career in the Pentagon offices, ends up relinquishing her position and stepping aside. bound for Remote nuclear missile interception base In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Collins will get used to routine, solitude and the most boring business.

However, his vigilance will be cut off by A sudden coordinated attack by a series of elite soldiers It would threaten the security of the American base. This coup was carried out by Alexander Kessela former US Army intelligence agent who wants to turn the planet upside down, unleash the Nuclear attack and the quest for a new world order. Alone and unaided, in John McClane’s style crystal forestCollins will have to use his own claws, courage and experience as a military man after years of tactical training to stop them.

Elsa Pataky was a huge hit this June on Netflix

Despite the fact that it’s the most-watched movie right now and one of the great premieres on Netflix in June, it didn’t convince almost anyone. Criticism left it on the ground, Barely reach 45% degrees in rotten tomatoesAnd the audience doesn’t seem to be overly convinced, with 25% of subscribers who manage to have fun excitement To work with Elsa Pataky. We’ve seen it, and while we realize its light-hearted action is perfect on a Sunday afternoon, the film is nothing more than sort of an extended chapter of c.the military series that triumphed on television in the 1990s.

It premiered on 3 June, Interceptor It’s one of the great premieres of June, as was the case for the series Weird things.

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