Robert Pattinson reveals he had COVID on set of Batman movie

Robert Pattinson reveals he had COVID on set of Batman movie

After the premiere of the new Batman movie, T.I have a batmanchampionship Robert Patterson s Zoe Kravitzthe actor who rose to fame thanks to the movie Twilight, through an interview with diverse He revealed everything that happened in the recordings of this tape and recalled the moment he tested positive for Covid-19 and how the actors reacted to this news. It should be noted that the actor tested positive for Covid-19 in September 2020, just when tape recordings began and therefore there was no vaccine yet.

Robert Pattinson reveals the reaction of The Batman movie cast after he tested positive for Covid

In the interview, Pattinson revealed the following “Covid was at an all-time high and people didn’t really know what exactly was going on,” “We set up a protocol for the project to work, and it happened, and I think I was the first person who had to use the protocol.” “I mean, I was a little awkward about the whole thing, to be honest. It was pretty close, right after we started shooting and everyone was really nice. Andy Serkis, who I was working with at the time, was very charming about it. I was terrified of what was going to happen to production. But it was kind of a test of how to proceed in these cases, and after that point, nothing happened anyway. He was lucky.”

The actor revealed that he was infected just a day after filming began, and also stated that as the protagonist, he tried to keep everyone away to avoid infection. On the other hand, he added that he communicated with a manager BatmanAnd the Matt Reeves Through a pea and there he gave him all the instructions and thanks to that, it became one of the best experiences of his entire life.

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