These are the top three movies that Kristen Stewart has starred in

These are the top three movies that Kristen Stewart has starred in

Yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this year’s nominations, with Kristen Stewart nominating Kristen Stewart in the “Best Actress” category for her role in “Spencer.” In this tape, Stewart played Princess Diana Spencer, wife of Prince Charles and mother of Princes William and Harry. This film depicts Diana’s life from an intimate perspective and tells of all the pressures Lady Di went through as part of the British royal family.

In our rating of the three best films of Kristen Stewart, the film “Spencer” was the first, and it should be noted that this was the first time that the actress received an Academy Award nomination. What surprised critics is that the film was not nominated for another category, even though it was a critically acclaimed film. The Chilean feature film was directed by Pablo Larren, a director who has also produced films such as “Neruda” and “Jackie”.

From a young age, Stewart began to develop his talent

In second place was “Panic Room”, in which Stewart made her debut as an actress on the big screen at the age of twelve. The film is about a divorced woman named “Meg Altman” played by Jodie Foster who finds herself in a dangerous situation with her diabetic daughter “Sarah” (Kristen Stewart). Mother and daughter have to hide in a room because three armed men entered their house.

Finally, Stewart’s third best movie is “Into the Wild”, this movie was released in 2008 and is based on a true life story. Well, it tells the journey of Christopher McCandless, a young man who decided to leave everything behind and dedicated himself to traveling in a truck across the United States. He calls himself “Alexander Supertramp”, played by Emile Hirsch, and on the way he meets many important people, including “Tracy Tatro” (Kristen Stewart).

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