Netflix declines additional payment for account sharing

Netflix declines additional payment for account sharing

Netflix announced that it will stop shipping Additional for the “Add a house” function For those subscribers who want to share their account with friends or family. The company made the decision after numerous criticisms from users and influencers.

distance User criticism of the decision made by the broadcast giantThe company announced that this easing has been temporary since then Next year will implement a similar function which has been operating since March in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica.

“After listening to consumer feedback, we have decided to turn off the Add Home features. Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican RepublicThey explained that the job began ruling on August 22, which would imply a $219 cost plus taxes for every additional home in the country.

Two out of three Argentines subscribe to a live streaming service

“We will focus on making it easier for people who share the account Transferring your profile when starting your own membershipThey explained that all members will be able to manage their devices and create sub-accounts (“Additional Member”) and will have to pay family or friends from the beginning of 2023.

“Additional member” and “Add home” are not much different, but in countries where they have already implemented the new function, it was more acceptable than the previous one. Its peculiarity is that it allows creation Sub account with separate profilewith individual user access and password, and customized recommendations.

The change in position on this issue aims to restore the initiative amid intense competition and signs of slowing subscriber growth in the sector. It is reported that Los Gatos, California, lost for the first time in its existence more than million net customers in the first two quarters of the year.

For this reason, among other measures, it aims to charge users who have viewed the platform so far with the password of an acquaintance. Last April, they revealed that from More than 220 million families They paid for it Netflix Service ‘Shared with more than one 100 million additional families“.

How many families have shared a Netflix account

A third of households that watch TV series on broadcast platform They didn’t pay for it and won’t until 2023. Another measure was Combine a cheaper plan with adsWhich will be implemented with Microsoft support as of November 3 in the United States and is worth approximately $7. This, at the moment, is not under consideration for Argentina.

We are launching it in 12 countries and It will not be available in Argentinaas we learn and improve the base plan with ads, we will decide whether to launch it in more countries,” they told Tellam of the company. Source: Tellam

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