The movie “Love Rías Baixas” was chosen as the best tourism movie in the world .. Do you vote?

The movie “Love Rías Baixas” was chosen as the best tourism movie in the world .. Do you vote?
  • The Diputación de Pontevedra campaign “Love Rías Baixas” carried out by Esmerarte, is one of 11 Spanish productions aspiring to win the title of “Best Tourist Film in the World”
  • CIFFT “People’s Choice 2022” Award is an initiative of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals, popular vote will be open until Thursday 20 October.

In 2022, Spain was ranked as the country with the highest number of applicants for the title of “Best Tourist Film in the World”. An award called “People’s Choice” awarded by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT). An international initiative that seeks to encourage the public to discover new tourism experiences through video and vote for their favourite. Among those selected for 2022, Galicia slips once again. It is the “Love Rías Baixas” campaign prepared by Esmerarte for the Pontevedra County CouncilIt is one of the films that chose its prestigious title.

Vote for “Love Rias Baixas”

“Love Rías Baixas” is a campaign of nine love stories with the province of Galicia. They are all listed in first person by foreign men and women who finally decided to stay after finding out the name Rias Baixas.

In it, Esmerarte bets on clearing up the seasons, as the campaign surprisingly rolls around in the middle of winter. It does this by showing the sights of rain or the activities that can be done in Pontevedra throughout the year, such as sailing, hiking, food, wine … people, sea, landscapes, gastronomy and tranquility are some of the reasons why the characters choose to stay in Rías Baixas, which attracts all Types of visitors, whether they are young or old, families or couples…

A promotional spot of less than 6 minutes duration that will make anyone outside Galicia fall in love with our landscapes instantly and that every Galicia outside of their land feels ‘homesick’.

vote here About “Love Rías Baixas” became the best tourism film in the world

Eleven Spanish productions are vying for the title

In addition to the tourist film “Love Rías Baixas”, 11 other Spanish productions are vying to be dedicated in 2022 as the best tourism film in the world. In this way, our country is positioned as the country most present in the competition.

The 11 videos are: “10 Plans to Live in Madrid” (Madrid Destino); “Be happy at every step” and “Catalonia, a tailor-made destination” (Catalan Tourism Agency; “Conil Lives In You” (Conil’s Local Tourist Board); “Domicio “The Roman” (Cádiz City Council); “Extremadura – Story” Narrated by the stars “(Extremadura Tourism);” Love of Rias Baixas. Love story with the province of Pontevedra “(Rias Baixas Tourism, Depotación Pontevedra);” No joy in life is small “(Andalusia Tourism); “Exceptional Journey” (Group of World Heritage Cities in Spain); “Valencia, Host City for the 2026 Gay Games”; and “International Paella Day” (visit Valencia).

In the dispute over the public vote, audiovisual productions from countries such as: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Slovenia, Fiji, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland and Japan are also involved. . Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Taiwan and Uganda.

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