Netflix Finally Doesn’t Save ‘Manifesto’


There were reasons to believe that ShowsWhich US broadcaster NBC canceled last week, can be revived with the help of Netflix. The first two seasons have just been integrated into the platform’s catalog in the United States and they have risen to the top of the list of the most-watched series. However, after a few days of negotiations, Ted Sarandos’ company finally rejected the idea.

These papers Shows There is no possibility of resurrection: there will be no fourth season and the audience will be left half in the sci-fi drama. Additionally, according to Deadline, the studio behind the series, Warner Bros Television, is looking into the possibilities of putting the series on another platform as identified. There are plenty of difficulties keeping the cast and crew on board, whose contracts will expire in June if there is no renewal, as well as problems with transferring rights to episodes that have already been produced.


Creator Jeff Rick had planned a series of six seasons and would only be able to film three seasons

The end of the talks is a good blow for the viewers. In 2018, Montego Flight 828 suffered turbulence from Jamaica to New York, and when they finally landed, they discovered that for all of humanity, five years had passed since the plane’s passengers. Creator Jeff Rick was imagining Shows A series of six seasons in which it was necessary to reveal little by little what happened to that plane and why the passengers developed a kind of sixth sense.

“Thank you, our fans. You’ve become appearances At Comic-Con 2018. Since then, I’ve religiously watched her, parsed every word, cried a lot, laughed a little, solved every puzzle, and never hesitated to support you. I’ll never forget it,” Rake reached out to on social media after confirming that his innovation would not last.

This lack of attention from Netflix also highlights the importance of the list of most popular series. Shows He didn’t get ransom at the last minute after he topped the list in the past few days in the same way as Buyer’s LegacyThe podium-produced superhero series, Mark Millar, was canceled after one season even though it topped the list in dozens of markets over its opening weekend.

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