Netflix launches news site What’s It About?

Netflix launches news site What’s It About?

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The streaming platform has launched a website called: Tudum. The title comes from the common sound that accompanies the Netflix logo when the letter N appears, before the movie or series begins.

Subscribers and non-subscribers will be able to access the new Netflix website to find news about release dates, projects, renewals and everything related to Netflix content.

With the new platform, users will be kept up to date with news of documentaries, movies, the best series and content in general from the streaming service.

In the case of subscribers, they will be able to access the “TuDum” site, identifying themselves with their account data on the Netflix platform, with which they will be able to have a more personalized experience on the new site, from content recommendations, among other things.

What content can I find on Netflix TuDum?

There will be content related to Netflix, including: news about future productions, interviews, and information on trends related to films and series; All kinds of updates to be added to the catalog.

As stated by Bozoma St. John, Director of Marketing at NetflixThey want the platform to add a new way for users and fans to interact with the stories of the characters they love, spark their passion and promote topics of conversation.

When will the Netflix news page be available?

the web todom It’s currently available to everyone, but at the moment it’s only available in English, as Netflix hasn’t yet talked about releasing a version in other languages, like Spanish, for example.

Who invented Netflix and in what year?

The platform was founded in California, United States, on August 29, 1997, so it has been around for 24 years now. CEO and Co-Founder is Reed Hastings.

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