No Way Home Can’t Come to Netflix in 2022


After long waiting , Spider-Man: There is no room for home It was released worldwide and appreciated by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after multiple comments and rumors that have surfaced in recent months. It is the most anticipated movie and Netflix users can include it in their catalog soon. why?

In this new adventure, Tom Holland will be back as the friendly superhero from New York. This time things are not in his favour, because in the previous tape the identity of Peter Parker was revealed and now everyone accuses him of killing Mysterio. In order to make everyone forget what happened, he went to Doctor Strange to perform a spell, but something went wrong and he unleashed the multiverse, bringing the great villains out of the character.

+ ¿Spider-Man: No Way Home llega a Netflix en 2022?

As I mentioned The Hollywood Reporter In April from this side, Sony Pictures has reached an agreement with Netflix, because he doesn’t have a platform to compete with them, as Disney, NBCUniversal, and ViacomCBS do. The contract states that The production company’s 2022 films will be shown exclusively after their theatrical release, in a time period that has not yet been determined.

Feature Films Like Uncharted, Spider-Man: New World 2, Morbius the Express train He will have an exclusive on Netflix, because of this union that In principle it will last 5 years. We have to confirm that for now It will be available to users in the US and Spider-Man: There is no place for home, although it is something that can change. why?

Remember that Spider-Man movies are owned by Sony, And although they have an agreement with Marvel Studios, which is Disney, they have the right to distribute it. So You’ll find some superhero movies on channels like Amazon Prime Video or Paramount+, not necessarily on Disney+. Knowing millions of fans in Latin America and the world, The agreement between Netflix and Sony could be expanded in the future.

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