Netflix: movies that give you the power to get on with your life without worrying about ‘what they say’


Netflix: Movies that give you the power to move forward with your life without worrying about ‘what they will say’

Gender equality is something that has yet to be achieved. Women have fought for this for years, but society is still very manly. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks when your decisions are good, especially if they help you feel better. This is why these films Netflix They have to get rid of the fear of “what they will say”.

Lion’s heart

First movie on Netflix in Nigeria. Adaeze Obiagu takes over the family business after her father’s death

How far her and her brother would struggle to find out if she was ready to run the company, in a world surrounded by men.


4 women enter a beauty pageant in a South Texas town to challenge tradition.

Miss Town’s daughter enters the pageant despite being overweight, and many women follow her.

Crossing stories

It was nominated for an Academy Award and tells about a group of women who have come together to fight injustice.

A group of housewives denounced the mistreatment of their employers at a time when racial difference in the United States was so evident. Genre canons were promulgated in the mid-twentieth century as well.

Do not believe Jessica James

This movie from Netflix It tells us what contemporary women of all races face.

On the other hand, it talks about being independent and robust while remaining economically productive. It also helps to laugh at itself.

Bohno: Period. The end of the sentence

It is a Netflix documentary that won an Oscar. It shows what it’s like menstruation in India.

Talk about accessing products and services that allow them to have a healthy menstrual period. It helps to understand the importance of fighting for your goals regardless of others’ opinion.

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