Netflix wants to discover the new global urban star with “La firma,” her “reality” that premieres April 4 | TV | entertainment

Netflix wants to discover the new global urban star with “La firma,” her “reality” that premieres April 4 |  TV |  entertainment

Auditions It started earlier this year And it was open to Any aspiring talent from Latin America, the United States or Spain wants to become the next urban music starPowered by Netflix.

the signature Is the new reality that He wants to catapult Latin faces and voices to the world through several Episodes in which you will closely follow the participants in their essays, journeys and personal reflections and moments of crisis or joy while they are fighting for it They became the winners of the contract with the talent incubator Neon16which was founded by the Colombian Lex Borrero and Puerto Rican Tainy, which was declared by Fast Company the Most Innovative Music Company of 2021.

Assisted by singers Rauw Alejandro, Yandel and Nicki NicoleThe platform wants to highlight the efforts of young people to achieve their dreams. As seen in the first trailer, Chosen boys (twelve in total) They will come from different countries, such as Peru, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, the United States, and more..

“This has been a dream for as long as I have consciousness.”He heard someone say. “I don’t have a Plan B; I’ll make music till I die.”another commented. “I am tired of being poor, brother; That my mom wakes up every day having a bad time“, A third contestant confesses.

Thus, the production moved the group to Miami, where he was reality. However, according to their case, Not only will the talent be rewarded, but the relationship the artist has with the audience. “This person communicates to me what he expects,” he specifies. Ro Alejandromultiple Latin Grammy Award nominees.

“They need their own core.”Nikki Nicole agrees.

Puerto Rican singer Yandel also highlights that the program’s format encourages applicants to produce their own music from scratch. “They themselves lock themselves in the studio to work.” From the beginning, One of the requirements to be elected to Displays Had to download an audition singing an original song.

program too New guests in each episode, including The Colombian Fen cAnd who will advise the contestants and have fun Offers.

the signature Created by Borrero and developed by Howard T OwensAnd from Propagate, who will produce the show With Ntertain, Borrero’s production company with Tommy Mottola. Nikki BuellaExecutive Producer of Hip Hop Competition Rhythm + showfrom Netflix, would be an offer.

It has always been our goal to bring Latin culture and talent to the fore, and we’re excited to do that in this space.Borero said in a statement.

The hottest music in the world comes from Latin American and Latin American sounds. There is a strong team behind the signatureAnd And We have no doubt that it will appeal to Spanish-speaking audiences all over the worldPropagate co-CEOs Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens also commented.

The company’s first season premieres on Tuesday, April 4.

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