Netflix will charge extra for those who share your account with you

Netflix will charge extra for those who share your account with you

The Netflix streaming platform will charge an additional amount to users who share their account credentials with people who live outside the home, the company said Wednesday in a statement on its website.

Currently, this policy will be implemented on a trial basis without a deadline in Chile and Costa Rica – at an approximate additional cost of three dollars – and in Costa Rica, where it will be approximately $2.10 per additional user.

The action attempts to limit those profiles of people who don’t pay for their subscription, enjoy it from a different address than the one the account is associated with and pay half the bill with the owner.

If the platform detects that an account is being accessed from outside the home, it will ask the user to enter a verification code to validate the login.

Of course, members of the Basic, Standard, or “Premium” plan will be able to share their profile information, list of saved addresses, or recommendations to another new account, but in exchange for this additional subscription.

Netflix has 222 million subscribers worldwide, but the number of new users and the growth curve have softened in recent months, so the company is trying to find new ways to turn a profit.

Recently, the platform has also raised the prices of its services in countries like the United States or Canada.

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