Verstappen’s catchy phrase about the Formula 1 Netflix series: “It’s more than…”

The Formula 1 In a surge of popularity that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. Many young people have been involved in the best motorsport category in the world thanks to a series called on Netflix drive to survive, which propelled the Great Circus into markets it had historically struggled to enter, such as the United States. Despite having many fans, the production won many critics, and nothing more and nothing less among them Max Verstappen.

And the last world champion announced in an interview last October that he would not participate in the fourth season of drive to survive, which premiered March 11 on Netflix. after not participating, Verstappen He watched a few episodes and had his say, “I only watched a couple of episodes, but I wasn’t very impressed. That’s nothing, competition rigging. In my opinion, it’s A more realistic view.”

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