Netflix will release three movies so you better know the creator of The Squid Game | entertainment


The Squid Game has become so important that Netflix is ​​bringing back three films directed by its former creator.

If The Squid Game is the series that most viewers have followed in Netflix history, there will surely be many who have also seen the three movies to be released. These are ten, seven and four years old, but she can be very attractive because she was Directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk.

It was epic for a South Korean director to release this series, but he’s never been a rookie behind the scenes and now He directed four films before in South Korea: Dad, hut, Castle and Miss Grandma. Of these, Netflix acquired the rights to the last three.

At the moment the three films have been announced in the US catalog, but It is very likely that it will be released in all countries where Netflix has arrived Within not too long.

Although the assumption has not yet been officially talked about The second season of the squid gameNetflix expects viewers to only approach any of these three stories Curious to know Hwang Dong Hyuk’s work better.

Silenced is a 2011 movie that focuses on The teacher who discovers some cases of bullying in the center. Three years later, Miss Granny was launched with a great story starring 74-year-old woman, after escaping confinement, turns 20 again.

Instead, The Fortress, a feature film from 2017, had a historical theme and Set in the 17th century to tell us the confrontation of the Qing Dynasty. As it turns out, each movie belongs to a different genre.

Obviously, Netflix is ​​ready for that Make the most of the fever of this squid game And before it is completely shut down, they will continue to release more content that revolves around any details of the series, such as its director’s filmography.

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