New York. The school recommends not telling mom and dad to avoid discrimination


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a Private school from city New York, In the United States, prof Comprehensive language guide Through which it seeks to combat racism and foster a respectful environment among teachers, staff and students, so that Everyone feels part of the community.

Connection A comprehensive language guide It contains 12 pages including several pages Lists of words and phrases Which the school recommends not to use Avoid any kind of discrimination Race, sexual orientation, economic status, religion, among others.

Which words are yes and which are not?

More than prohibiting hate speech, We can use language to create welcoming, inclusive spaces. This guide covers possible approaches Removing harmful assumptions from the way we interact with each otherYou can read on the official website of Grace Church, the school in question.

Kindergarten through high school suggests changing words like “Mom or dad or parents” about “Adults, persons, family, or guardians”; “A babysitter or a babysitter” about ‘Caregiver or caregiver’; “Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend” about ‘Spouse or partner’. instead of “Boys and girls” s “ladies and gentlemen”, I say “People or friends”.

“At Grace Church School, we work to be familiar with the language we use Avoid making assumptions About people while sharing A conversation that touches on religionThe guide explains.

In this section, he recommends doing this instead of asking someone “What religion are you from?”, A question “Is any religious or belief tradition important to you?”; They change “What did you get (any vacation)?” about “Do you celebrate the holidays?” And perhaps the most extreme is that they advise I do not wish a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays Instead I say “She has a good rest!”.

“The guide was not issued as a mandatory policy or included in students’ curricula or instructions, but as a suggested alternative language for traditional words and phrases that may not adequately recognize ethnic, gender or other differences. Differences between individuals and groups of people,” the school says on its official website on the Internet.


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