“Who says that” Vladimir Putin responds to Joe Biden after describing him as a “killer”


Russian President, Russian President Vladimir PutinHe mocked his American counterpart on Thursday, Joe BidenWho described him as a “murderer”, and mentioned that Russia She will stand up for your interests and work with them United State When it is “good” for you.

“Someone says that,” he shouted. Put it inHe smiles, according to statements broadcast on Russian television.

He said, “It is not just a childish expression, it is a joke. It has a deep and psychological meaning. We always see our own qualities in others, thinking that they are like us.”

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Put it in, Who claimed to wish it Biden He reiterated that Moscow would not be intimidated by Washington, “You are fine without any mockery.”

“We will defend our interests and work with [los estadounidenses] When conditions are good for us. “

The Russian president said this during a videoconference with representatives of civil society from Crimea, which is the Ukrainian peninsula. Russia It was annexed in 2014 and this led to a deterioration in relations between Moscow and Western countries.

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