A man buys a Ferrari for 6 million pesos; Moments later it ends with a complete loss


At Super sports car It comes with a huge responsibility that not many drivers know how to handle. Such is the case with this driver who smashed his car Ferrari F8 greeting On a German highway six hours after receiving it from the dealer.

According to local media, the 43-year-old got hold of the exotic car on March 13th after having waited a little over a year for his car to be delivered to him. However, while driving on the A5 motorway, he was exposed to incident The front of the car was smashed.

The authorities stated that the car was traveling Wet roads At the time of the accident, she did not have tires suitable for this type of road. The car initially hit a concrete bar located on the side of the road, where the rear wheel was lost.

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Then the Italian car collided with a bus and hit the retaining wall again, causing severe damage to the front it was advertised as. total loss.

The car was driven by an engine 3.9 liter turbo V8, And is capable of production 710 hpSo it is not an easy car to control and even less in this type of terrain.

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