News summary of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 20

News summary of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 20

An aerial photo taken on February 20, 2023 shows collapsed buildings and houses in Antakya, southern Turkey. (Photo credit: Yasin Akgül/AFP via Getty Images)

At least three dead and more than 213 injured left a 6.3-magnitude aftershock that shook Turkey on Monday, authorities said, just two weeks after a devastating earthquake killed thousands.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that the three dead were reported in the cities of Antakya, Defne and Samandağ.

He said rescue services were still searching three buildings.

Soylu said the epicenter was in Defne, in southern Turkey.

The official added that since the first 6.3 quake, 26 more aftershocks have been felt.

Soylu also mentioned that it appears that part of the main fault in Antakya was torn off in the recent earthquake.

He said, “In the evaluation we made with our teachers, there is information that another part of the fault broke in Antakya.”

The White Helmets volunteer rescue group said that more than 130 people were reported injured in northwest Syria.

The White Helmets said no deaths had been reported so far.

The aftershock caused the collapse of many buildings already damaged from the previous earthquake.

“Our teams are working to transport the wounded to hospitals, inspect the affected towns and cities, and remove rubble to open roads for ambulances,” the White Helmets said.

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