Newspapers report Fernandez canceled visit to Mexico ‘annoyed by AMLO’

Newspapers report Fernandez canceled visit to Mexico ‘annoyed by AMLO’

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, has canceled his visit to Mexico scheduled for Thursday, the main focus of which will be meetings with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, with whom he has expressed great political closeness.

The official reason is Erosive gastritis which left him physically handicapped while touring France and Indonesia; However, the main reason is Fernandez’s annoyance with López Obrador, due to the lack of support in the vote for the election of the new president of the Inter-American Bank (IDB), the main newspapers in Argentina reported.

Argentina supported the proposal of Brazil, Ilan Goldfein, which, according to López Obrador and the Mexican government, is the candidacy promoted by the United States and represents “more of the same”.

“The BID thing was uncoordinated. The negotiations were good, but with the United States…. (Argentina) I expected López Obrador’s support to advance with Todesca’s candidacy,” according to the sources he consulted Nation.

As soon as Argentina did not get support to advance its candidacy, it negotiated with the United States for key positions, they agree Clarion s Nation.

However, the official version is the medical subject. This is what the Casa Rosada press office told La Nación:

Tomorrow the president will resume his duties, we don’t think he’s going to Mexico for medical reasons.

Newspaper copy Clarion He points out that the Islamic Development Bank negotiations are just one of the negotiations between Mexico and Argentina that did not achieve the desired end.

The Argentine newspaper confirms that both countries had differences due to previous negotiations at the Islamic Development Bank, in 2020, regarding CAF Banco de América Latina and the absence of Marcelo Ebrard from a key meeting in Buenos Aires.

What we want to clarify is that there is no change in the election of the director of the Islamic Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, it is more of the same thing, it is what has been applied throughout the neoliberal period, they agree. With the approval of us and so they choose. It is a pity that this is still happening, there are no changes.

And we will look for options, of course with the advice of Gerardo, a good civil servant, equipped, one of the most socially sensitive economists, and I think he was among the only ones who, in the neoliberal period, dared to analyze the economy and social inequality in Mexico. So we send you a greeting and thank you for your participation.

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