AMLO explains his vote in Elon Musk’s Twitter poll to return his account to Donald Trump

“I owe an explanation to the people of Mexico,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, explaining that voted for They gave his Twitter account back to him Donald Trumpthe former President of the United States, because you can disagree with his positions, but he “has… The right to express yourself.

in his lecture This Monday morning At the National Palace, López Obrador noted that all world leaders, such as Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, or China, Xi Jinping, have the right to express themselves.

We can disagree with his (Trump) positions, but he has the right to demonstrate and express himself.

“What matters is that I voted, not that I say so, but that I consider it worthy of an explanation, I owe an explanation to the people of Mexico (…) the new owner of Twitter (Elon Musk) conducted a survey asking people whether or not they would reactivate an account that President Trump had deactivated,” the president stated in the locker room.

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This was stated by Lopez Obrador Twitter and Facebook cancel accounts Donald Trump After the presidential election in the United States, and that he was against that decision.

“I said that I did not accept this behavior from communications companies Because there was no way to rise to the highest rank and they would decide who has the right to communicate and who cannot or what information can be conveyed and what cannot be liked by the great judges or the censorship court, the information inquisition,” the conspiracy.

With information from Enrique Gomez

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