AMLO will request that the meeting of the Pacific Alliance be canceled due to the absence of Pedro Castillo

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will ask Eliminates The Seventeenth Presidential Summit affiliate Pacific Alliancescheduled for November 25 at Mexico City.

It will be canceled because the President of Peru, Pedro fortYou will not be able to travel to Mexico for appointment because the Congress of that country refused to give him leave.

We’ll postpone, or we’ll look for another option. I am the provisional or interim president of that alliance, and corresponds to the president of Peru who takes over the presidency. So, if he does not come, to whom shall I hand him over? he explained in his morning press conference.

Lopez Obrador confirmed that Meeting can be done in PeruBut you must submit it for counseling.

He stressed that what I do not see appropriate is holding a meeting in which the president who should assume the position does not attend.

The President emphasized that, in the meantime, the official visits from the boss Gabriel Burek Chile this Wednesday, the President Rodrigo Chavez from Costa Rica, scheduled for November 28.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital

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