They steal the wallet of a journalist in Qatar, he denounces them and asks him what sentence he wants for the thief

They steal the wallet of a journalist in Qatar, he denounces them and asks him what sentence he wants for the thief

journalist Dominic Metzger I had a bout of insecurity after being A robbery victim in Qatar While making the transfer, because his wallet was stolen, in which he carried all his documents, as well as money and credit cards.

Well, country experiences. My wallet has just been stolen When we were directing. This is the police, they sent me here to file a complaint,” the TN host said on her Instagram account while showing the facade of the police station.

“They assure that everything is being watched here and that they will find the wallet. He had the documents, the money, the cards… It is clear that what worries me the most, the other does not interest me at all. So, nothing, we will see what happens. Experiences that one did not expect to live, live it.”

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The journalist noticed the shortage when she wanted to go buy a bottle of water, and when she opened her wallet, she noticed that it was lost.

On the air, hours later, Dominic Metzger recounted how the theft happened and confirmed that in police procedures “everyone tells you it’s the safest place. We were at this place going through the hourglass counting down to the start of the World Cup and it was full of people. We walked back in and it was robbed, nothing Violent: They opened my wallet and took my wallet.”

“The cops don’t search you, they don’t care about you or they don’t see you”

“There are the cops. They don’t search you, they don’t bring you or see you. They send you to another office with all the women. At some point, when they make your statement, they ask me ‘What do you want?’ ‘Justice they must do when they find it,’ said Dominic, amazed. Because we will find it, We have high-tech cameras and we will find them.”

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She said, “I asked her what she was referring to. They told me, ‘What do you want the judge to do? Give him 5 years, deport him?'” She replied that she did not want that. Responsibility, only his things come back.

In response to a question from an Instagram user if she had found her wallet, the journalist said she hadn’t.

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