Nicaragua: After the raid on the opposition candidates, the regime of Daniel Ortega turned against the businessmen

The arrest of Luis Alberto Rivas Andurai, a Nicaraguan businessman

The message seems clear: Nobody is untouchable in Nicaragua. Except, of course, for him. Daniel Ortega has now decided to advance against the businessmen of his country who dared to challenge him, distance Raid against candidates who may challenge him in the upcoming elections in November.

Tuesday, police Nicaragua The CEO of Production Bank (Banpro) arrested, Luis Rivas Andurai, who was arrested for “inciting foreign interference”, based on a law that Daniel Ortega’s government applies to dissidents.

Rivas too COO of Grupo Promérica, which includes several financial entities on the continent, joins 15 others arrested by police in recent daysBetween presidential candidates and government critics.

Pictured, former president of the Supreme Council for Special Projects (COSEP) Jose Adan Aguirre (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres)
Pictured, former president of the Supreme Council for Special Projects (COSEP) Jose Adan Aguirre (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres)

According to a police statement: Rivas is being investigated, among other offences, for “proposing and managing blockades of economic, commercial and financial operations.” against the state and its institutions.

Banpro Grupo Promérica stated in a statement that Operating in Nicaragua with Compliance with Existing Laws. “We are confident in the moral character of Dr. Rivas and trust that his position will be clarified.”added.

Rivas, indicated by To demand, glorify and praise the imposition of sanctions on the State of Nicaragua and its citizens, He is the second business figure to be arrested in the Central American country.

business union leader, Jose Adan AguirreAnd the He was arrested a week ago on the same charges. Aguirre led the 2018 dialogue table by businessmen to find a solution to the political crisis.

Banpro, founded in 1991, is one of the most important banks in Nicaragua and a member of the Promérica Group, with subsidiaries in Central and South America.

According to the newspaper CountryAnd the Nicaraguan Justice is also investigating 13 former directors of the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides), A research center linked to the private sector that publishes analyzes of the economic situation in the country. A judge on Thursday ordered the lifting of bank secrecy, crippling accounts and preventing the departure of the 13 Nicaraguan businessmen.

Among those investigated are two of Nicaragua’s most powerful businessmen, Jose Antonio Baltodano Cabrera and Jaime Javier Montelegre Lacayo. A judge in Mangoa imposed an immigration ban and frozen their bank accounts.

Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega

Complaints from the Organization of American States and the United States

Then came Rivas’ arrest The OAS Permanent Council calls for ‘immediate release’ Arrested opponents and conditions for holding free and fair elections on November 7.

“By yesterday’s vote, members The Organization of American States clarified that the actions of Ortega and [su esposa la vicepresidenta Rosario] Murillo has no place in this hemisphereIn light of our shared commitments to democracy and human rights,” the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, said in a statement.

Series of arrests in Nicaragua on June 2 began with the arrest Presidential candidate Christiana Chamorro, the daughter of former president Violetta Barrios de Chamorro (1990-1997), whom they accuse of money laundering. Together with her, former employees of the Violetta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation were arrested. Walter Gomez s Marcus Fleets.

Nicaraguan presidential candidate Christiana Chamorro (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Herrera)
Nicaraguan presidential candidate Christiana Chamorro (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Herrera)

Later the former diplomat was arrested Arturo Cruzworld of politics, Felix Maradija The economic expert Juan Sebastian ChamorroCousin Christian.

This week, the former Sandinista vice chancellor was arrested Victor Hugo TinocoAccused of inciting foreign intervention, requesting military intervention, and celebrating sanctions against members of the dictatorship.

The weekend saw the biggest wave of arrests when the police took custody Six leaders Opposition Onamus, formerly the Sandinista Renewal Movement (MRS), including Tinoko, former militia Dora Maria Telles s Hugo Torres And three female leaders from Onamus: Swain Barahona, Anna Margherita Vigil, Tamara Davila.

They are followed Violetta Granera, prominent activist, a day later Jose Ballet, one of the most visible jurists in the country.

File photo of Nicaraguan police officers blocking journalists outside the home of opposition leader Christiana Chamorro in Managua (Photo: Reuters/Carlos Herrera)
File photo of Nicaraguan police officers blocking journalists outside the home of opposition leader Christiana Chamorro in Managua (Photo: Reuters/Carlos Herrera)

The government considers it Dissidents arrested for “inciting foreign intervention” are “rapists”. Funded by the United States to overthrow President Ortega.

Ortega, a former combatant of the Sandinista National Liberation Front that ended the Somoza dictatorship, He ruled between 1979 and 1990 and returned to power in 2007He remained after being re-elected twice in a row. His opponents estimate that he will seek a fourth term in the November elections.

The opposition and the international community accuse him of this He led an authoritarian government after the brutal suppression of demonstrations against his administration in 2018, That left more than 300 dead and thousands exiled, according to human rights organizations.

The overwhelming vote in the Organization of American States against the Ortega Murillo regime sends a A clear and strong message: Release political prisoners, stop repression and hold free and fair elections.”Blinken said. Sandinismo for its part confirmed This week Nicaragua will hold a “free, fair and transparent” general election and has demanded that “no foreign government interfere” in the process.

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