Notes on the 2023 science budget

Notes on the 2023 science budget

Mexico City /

By Javier Flores

Illustration: Ricardo Figueroa, courtesy of Nexos

The Federation’s expenditure budget shows that there will be more money in 2023. This increase will be reflected in the various activities carried out with public funds. But in the case of science, the increase is disingenuous because it would only seem to support scientific and technological research and innovation with more resources. In fact, it is an inflated budget by merging dependencies and tasks in which there is no clarity as to where this money will be given. The above is likely to be useful in supporting a rhetoric in which President López Obrador’s government supports science, which is of course unsustainable, because while spending in 2015 was about 0.5% of GDP, in 2023 it will, if anything, reach by 0.35%. The disappearance of the boxes is another blow from which science has not been able to recover, and its negative effects will continue for the remainder of the six-year period. The 2023 budget has this deep cut, so there’s nothing to celebrate. But also, as in forensic pathology, the criminal always leaves his or her tracks. Funds taken from the investigation are directed, in whole or in part, to the President’s “priority programs.”

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