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Intentions Immigration to other countries It became more frequent in Colombians. However, job opportunities are a challenge for nationals seeking to “make their way” in other countries.

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Recently, the Employment Certification Office for Foreigners published a list of professions with more opportunities in countries like United State.

The entity, in turn, highlights that it is better to obtain a work visa if you have a profession related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Accordingly, application developers are one of the most valuable jobs. It also features a file Computer and information services manager.

In the field of engineering, professionals such as electronics and systems engineers are desirable. Together with herOperations Research Analysts Well, in the US they are looking for employees to apply mathematical models and other ways to improve information.

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However, the portal also highlights that Demand for other types of jobs Which does not require a professional title such as home care and personal care assistants, cashiers, laborers, freight workers and others.


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