Ongoing wellness event in your area and mental health fair

Ongoing wellness event in your area and mental health fair

On Friday, April 29, the community in the southeast of the city will be able to take advantage of the services offered by the municipality and the federal government, through your neighborhood well-being event and mental health fair.

This activity will take place from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in the facilities of Urban Health Center B, located at the intersection of Puerto Progreso and Puerto Anzio Streets in Portal del Oak.

The Director of Health in the municipality, Daphne Santana Fernandez, invited citizens to attend this event, which aims to bring the services and procedures provided by the government closer to the community, in addition to promoting health services that focus on prevention and attention to the consumption of psychotropic substances.

He said that among the services that will be provided to the community are medical counseling, vaccination, psychological counseling, HIV and syphilis tests, psychological care through the municipal system for the comprehensive development of the family (DIF) and scholarships. Patients with addictions, free treatment for substance use disorders, handing out glasses, and citizen attention acuity.

In addition, the Social Welfare Secretariat may request procedures for care sessions, Youth Building the Future, welfare scholarships for children of working mothers, pensions for the welfare of persons with disabilities, pensions for seniors and vaccination certificates and information grants and the Information Module on Education of Minors with Assisted Maturity (EMMA). The Peace Club.

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