OpenAI has hired Kenyans for less than €2/hour to monitor content

OpenAI has hired Kenyans for less than €2/hour to monitor content

chat It was one of the most impressive technological innovations of 2022, because an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can generate texts on any topic. time The creator is reportedly in talks with investors to raise $29 billion in funds, including a potential $10 billion investment from Microsoft.

After success, the same arguments indicate that OpenAI is “used Kenyan contract workers You earn less than two euros an hour. OpenAI’s outsourcing partner in Kenya was Sama, a San Francisco-based company that employs workers in Kenya, Uganda and India to catalog data for Silicon Valley clients such as Google, Meta and Microsoft.

Sama markets itself as an “ethical AI” company and has so far helped lift more than 50,000 people out of poverty. Partnership in artificial intelligence (A coalition of organizations Artificial intelligence to which OpenAI belongs) notes that “despite the critical role played by these data enrichment professionals, a growing body of research reveals Unstable working conditions faced by these workers.

Kenyan employees have created a tool to detect toxic content and reduce the amount of violent and sexual content on ChatGPT. The contracts proved that OpenAI would pay a salary of 11.50 euros per hour, but unfortunately, An agent who worked nine-hour shifts could earn €1.32 per hour after tax.

An OpenAI spokesperson said in a statement that the company did not release any production targets and that Sama was responsible for managing the payment arrangements and employee mental health,” reports Time magazine. Ultimately, Sama’s decision to end his employment with OpenAI meant that employees no longer had to deal with toxic text and images.

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