Optimize your Xiaomi device’s WiFi with these MIUI tricks

Optimize your Xiaomi device’s WiFi with these MIUI tricks

Generally speaking, we usually spend a lot of time connecting to the Internet through WiFi. This is when certain functions of MIUI Take center stage, allowing us Improving our Xiaomi’s WiFi connection By activating or deactivating it, whichever is better.

Besides the customization options, MIUI has several settings that allow us to improve the WiFi connection of my Xiaomi, allowing us to Get a faster internet speed And generally a more stable connection.

Among these settings we find a file Passage mode It will allow us to prioritize your internet connection. Also, below we introduce you Several options or tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your WiFi connection From your Xiaomi.

Improve your Xiaomi device’s WiFi connection thanks to these settings

The first options that we must enable in Xiaomi in order to improve WiFi connectivity are Passage mode. In this Ajustes> WiFi> Asistente Wi-Fi We are allowed to «Extreme situation»Prioritize the application we are using over the rest of the system’s applications.

Once you enable this mode, We will have to deactivate several MIUI settings that usually cause some interference With WiFi connection. The first of them is the automatic search for WiFi and Bluetooth networks and for this we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings and search for “Search”
  2. After that we enter the option named «Wi-Fi and Bluetooth search«
  3. Once in, we will deactivate the “Search for Bluetooth devices” option.

Finally, there is another basic trick to improve our Xiaomi WiFi connection Disable automatic network selection. This way we will avoid interrupted cutting when the signal is not the best. To do that, we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Ir a Ajuste> WiFi> Asistente Wi-Fi
  2. Once in, we will deactivate the option «Automatically select the best networks«

In short, thanks to these tricks we will get Prioritize our smartphone’s WiFi connectionEspecially improving internet connection, speed and stability in most cases.

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