Take 10 free apps for your Android mobile phone: they usually pay


Do you want a good amount of Free applications for your Android phone? In Google Play there are a lot of Free apps You can download them, although not all of them are worth it or what they promise. Today we have very good news for you, because all the apps on this list are paid and free for a limited time. If they are Offers Developers launch Google Play to temporarily promote their apps. If you hurry, you can Download them all and save a few euros or dollars.

Usually, all of these Android apps cost money

Absolutely everything Applications From this list available on the form Free Time to write these words. They are high quality apps, with good grades and cost money. Most of them can be downloaded for 1.2 or 3 € / $, but only today you can do it completely free. There are 10 apps so if you do math you can Savings between 20 and 30 euros / dollar.

This is one of the best opportunities for you to fill out a file Application device Much higher without the need to pay. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, all of these apps will cost money again. Moreover, if you delay reading this article, it is likely that many of it are no longer available for free and Google Play is asking you to pay for it.

Don’t worry if this is your case, because every week we publish content of this type in our section Free apps So you can take advantage of all the offers that appear on Google Play. The store does not have an offer section in it 100% discounts, So you should resort to lists like this one to download them all.

You may not find many of the apps on this list interesting, but you may need them in the future. If you have a lot of space on your mobile phone, it is better to download them all and actually put them on your mobile phone when using them in the future.

Take advantage of this weekend to download all of these Free applications for your Android phone From Google Play!

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