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Have you already downloaded news ? You should know this by now. Currently, it has enabled new functions so that messages can self-destruct in 7 days in case your contact is not read. Here are all the new updates of the popular Facebook-owned app.

Likewise, it will soon implement the ability to modify the color of its buttons, as well as its entire platform. As long as that comes down to , There are doubts about what will happen to the app as of May 15th.

As the company mentioned on its website, its new conditions for 2021 will begin to apply from Saturday, May 15, and they are the same conditions that you can activate whenever you want.

While it will not cripple the use of Some have already considered removing the messaging service altogether and moving to Telegram. How can I inform everyone that I will no longer use the messaging app? Here we tell you.

How to inform your contacts that you are no longer using WhatsApp

To do that, you need to install a new third-party app that complements So you can notify your friends that you have moved to your messaging server:

  • The first thing to do is download .
  • When you have it on your device, you must give it permissions to access your contacts.
  • Then you should select the message that you want to send to all your contacts who are no longer using WhatsApp.
This is how Watomatic works, the app that allows you to notify your contacts that you are no longer using WhatsApp. (Image: Mag)
  • Now, when someone writes you to WhatsApp, even if you are not using it or have uninstalled it, Watomatic will activate the message stating that you are no longer using the messaging service.
  • You can select the date on which you want the notification to be sent.
  • To wrap up all your contacts’ information, just uninstall the app.

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