Ortega asserts that the United States wants to “open communications” in a “discreet” manner

Ortega asserts that the United States wants to “open communications” in a “discreet” manner

Dictator Daniel Ortega confirmed this Tuesday, during the 43rd anniversary of the constitution of the Nicaraguan Army Air Force, that the United States had sent an envoy for “open communication” with his regime, but his access to the country was denied. in a secret way.

“They actually sent a messenger who was here in Nicaragua and they didn’t do it through official channels. The State Department official was herewho wanted to meet, but I told him he should come through official channels, through our ambassador there in Washington, and logically through the United States Embassy here, in order to receive an envoy, not from the way he came, said the President.

“On the one hand, they send us a message that they are interested in opening a connection, a few months ago, but since we already know them (…) we preferred to stay away from those messages they sent us,” he said.

Joe Biden’s government confirmed to Voice of America on May 6 that it maintains “bilateral contacts” with the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, a day after the US newspaper was published. The New York Times He revealed that Lauriano Ortega Murillo, the son of the dictatorial couple, was going to seek dialogue with the United States with the aim of obtaining “a relief from the sentence for his family.”

However, on July 19, at the ceremony for the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista People’s Revolution, Ortega insisted that there is no possibility of dialogue, because there is no “dialogue with the devil,” referring to the Joe Biden administration.

Justifies withdrawing the approval of the US ambassador

Similarly, Ortega indicated that he withdrew the approval given to candidate Hugo Rodriguez as US ambassador to Nicaragua, due to the “assault” against the country in the full Congress.

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“They sent a proposal on who would be the new ambassador, and as far as you can read the history of the candidate to be ambassador, we gave him the right place and he went to meet with the suit, they took him to the conference for which he is a candidate for ambassador to Nicaragua and the man begins to speak, like William Walker, who will be The governor of Nicaragua who is coming to put an end to the government of Nicaragua, yes, we spoke calmly before Congress, and then we immediately informed him that we were withdrawing the lawsuit,” Ortega said.

The dictator added that in the embassies they are “conspiring”, but “this (ambassador) did not even come to the country and he has already started screaming, so he can stay outside shouting whatever he wants, but here in Nicaragua my knowledge is respected, yes, the flag is respected.”

In addition, he noted, without being able to confirm, that in the United States the information that they had interviewed an official of the State Department who would hold the post of ambassador was being treated, and they took the opportunity to speculate and compare, if this alleged delegate were also interviewed, they would attend as they had sent Nancy Pelosi, President of the US Congress, to Taiwan.

“Could they have put him in a small plane as they put him there in Taiwan? Will the arrogance of these people go that far? They have to learn to respect all the peoples of the world if they want to be respected, and in the meantime the fighting will continue,” the dictator attacked.

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