“Osasuna Never Give Up” has become a global trend

“Osasuna Never Give Up” has become a global trend
People from all over the world singOsasuna never give up!” TikTok has invaded the social network for videos. Real barrage chasing 13 million views. Something unprecedented about Rogelo’s world. And it continues to climb. the reason? Photo from 2017 spread all over the planet. Spontaneously and intensely.

At that time, a group of Ugandan boys and girls sang a cry of support In red shirts, also at the forefront of the Real Madrid match. Lovely, strong and fun print. And this video, singing and applauding, has spread in recent days at high speed. Especially among young people who imitated the scene by chanting the song in various ways. The effect was like this Zenit Saint Petersburg, which has 4.2 million followers, has sought the moment to break into the wave.

It is not known why the 2017 video that was released suddenly and so successfully was saved Eneko EloseguiAnd the A Navaran volunteer captured this moment at an orphanage in Uganda. The truth is that the hashtag “Osasuna Never Give Up” adds through multiple videos on the platform, approaching 13 million visits on Wednesday. This Tuesday, the Russian club was one of the last to join fashion in a strange way. He took part in the hymn and two results went up front: Real Sociedad 1-0 Osasuna and Zenit 3-1 Real Sociedad, when they met in Europe in 2017.

Before that on Friday The club also shared its logo with Al Sadar photos. TikTok, a thriving social network that aggregates videos, is steaming with song. Zenit’s post, for example, has crossed 3 million views and Osasuna’s post has 2.8 million, with 468,000 ‘likes’ and 3,000 comments..

For comparison, a red target video has between 40,000 and 70,000 hits. In addition to more official profiles, the initiative has triumphed among young people. You can see groups of Children cheering on the street, in the yard or on the bus. Having put themselves on the first line, there are users who simply type the phrase to get feedback.

After Barcelona and Real Madrid

This phenomenon has become Action on Osasuna’s most viewed name on social networks. The series of videos hasn’t stopped since Thursday, when it started a big crowd at the take back of this video from 2017, causing quite a stir among the new generations. On Friday, The Red Club discovered its expansion and published its own hashtag.

The data speaks for itself. last week , Osasuna, with a number of 552,000, is the third club to interact on the TikTok platform after Barcelona (2,300,000) and Real Madrid (1,100,000).. Athletic comes in second place with 80,000. And adding all the social networks, Osasuna maintains this position with 810 thousand behind, logically, Barcelona (28 million) and Real Madrid (21.8 million). Atletico (538000) and Atletico Madrid (530,000) completed the top five. during these days , Rugella’s account went from 133,800 to 236,000 followersAnd when the league started, their number was only 67,000. This video series has broken any record that exists so far with an unexpected and surprising international arrival.

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