‘Pandemic’ will disappear from Xbox Store due to ‘undetectable’ reasons and stress

‘Pandemic’ will disappear from Xbox Store due to ‘undetectable’ reasons and stress

Today’s anti-vaccines have even more reason to add to their conspiracy theory. Namely, the video game “Pandemic” will soon disappear from the Microsoft Store. The game puts you in the shoes of a team of doctors who are facing a global pandemic and are the only ones who can save you. You will have to coordinate with geneticists and elite medical teams to save the world from extinction.

Pandemic has been on Xbox Game Pass for some time, although it will be removed from the service very soon. After that it will also not be available in the Microsoft Store and all other video game stores. In fact it has already been removed from other stores.

The epidemic hit the network

Its creators, Asmodee, admitted it when they called it now They cannot reveal the reasons why the game was removed from sale. It was clearly a golden opportunity for aluminum hat wearers, but perhaps this is due to some sort of caveat about sensitive treatments or medical techniques forcing a review of the game in multiple areas.

When asked about the incident, the creators of Pandemic confirmed that on January 31 it will be released from the Microsoft Store on consoles, PCs and the cloud.

Currently, only PC, App Store and Google Play have been removed. It will be followed by a Microsoft release on January 31, 2022 and then a Nintendo Switch in late July 2022.

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