Paraguay: formations, time and how to see them in the US


The critical part of the first phase of America’s Cup And the two start taking on another relationship. Chile s Paraguay They meet on the fourth date in a cross that will begin to determine Group A of the competition: The victory puts the Andean cross in front and leaves Paraguay a step away, depending on what happens with Bolivia-Uruguay in the previous round.

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Without Alexis, Vargas is the Chilean team's top scorer.  Photograph: Rodolfo Bohrer/Reuters

Without Alexis, Vargas is the Chilean team’s top scorer. Photograph: Rodolfo Bohrer/Reuters

What time does Chile-Paraguay play in the US?

California (UTC-7): 5.00 pm.
Chicago (UTC-5): 7:00 pm.
Washington, New York, and Miami (UTC-4): 8:00 pm.

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Where to watch the Chile-Paraguay match in the United States

The game will be broadcast on TV Telemundo Deportes, Fox Sports, TUDN and Univisión. The stage will be Mane Garrincha in Brasilia And Colombian Willmar Roldan will do justice.

Angel Romero is one of the most important players in Paraguay.  EFE / Alberto Valdes

Angel Romero is one of the most important players in Paraguay. EFE / Alberto Valdes

Possible combinations

Chile: Claudio Bravo Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Francisco Cerralta, Eugenio Mina; Charles Aranguiz, Thomas Alarcón, Arturo Vidal; Eduardo Vargas, Ben Brereton and Cesar Benares.

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Paraguay: Anthony Silva Alberto Espinola, Gustavo Gomez, Junior Alonso, Santiago Arzamendia; Miguel Almiron, Adrian Cubas, Robert Perez da Motta, and Alejandro Romero Gamara; Gabriel Avalos and Angel Romero.

This is how Chile arrives

The Martín Lasarte group looks like one of the most أكثر Contest and Continent Company. With five points, Chile tied with Argentina, Then he beat Bolivia and got another valuable draw against Uruguay. Although there is no Alexis Sanchez, the wounded, crossed the Andes already in the quarter-finals and in front of Guarani will play the last game of the group: after that they will be free. With victory, they will be for a moment the only leaders.

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Paraguay Championship

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1- Brazil 9 points (3PJ)
2- Colombia 4 points (4PJ)
3- Peru 4 points (3 PJ)
4- Ecuador 2 points (3PJ)
5- Venezuela 2 points (3PJ)

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