Paulinho Mosca, singer-songwriter, between science and music


Friendship with colleagues Musicians Like Kevin Johansson, Roberto Muso, Andrea Achefry, and others, Paulinho Mosca He was going around The American continent Beside them for years.

The defining moment was, the musician remembers, when Jorge Drexler Introduce him to his fellow countryman Pablo CasacopretaWho has mastered different types of art. Thus, from the beginning of the 2000s, their relationship became so close, that they created a chain documentary film communicate ZombidoIn which musical composition processes are explored.

In the episode recorded in Mexico, singer Ximena Sariñana and plastic artist Fernando Lanos appeared.

From the point of view of the Brazilian musician, this program, released in 2006, has paid off with more than 250 episodes that have been broadcast for more than a decade. After this format, they both fell in love with the idea of ​​continuing to embrace the music Latin america, But now with a file Scientific developmentCasacuberta is the son of lab workers, and he has a great affinity for the job.

This is how they started in 2017 again to create a series misunderstood by Different TV stationsBut this is now making its great debut.

“We will visit some Latin American countries and look for scholars to tell us what their new ideas are about the world that is changing. We have also invited an author in every country, because Pablo wanted me to compose a song about Scientific idea. And then, in the end, we thought I had a lot of tattoos and he told me, “We’ll find a visual artist, to show three creative personalities from every country of Latin America,” Mosca explains, in an interview with Indigo Relocation.

This is how I was born. Your home is my home, which was acquired by HBO After it was rejected by the other companies. Paulinho Mosca commented that science television companies did not understand the concept of mixing content with music. The same thing happened with strings that had programs related to art.

What they told us was that the series was very different from everything, that there was no place for it, because “who bought the science series that was thought to be very popular? ” a tourTell us, people who buy hit series think they are brain, science, or art. The first feeling was that we didn’t have space, because everything was divided into niches, ”he adds.

Editing and dumping all the material that visited 12 countries in Latin America was a tedious task for a year, so until 2018 they were ready. Episodes That lasted an hour each. Part of the result was also a dozen Tattoo On Musca’s body, it represents all the memories this professional and personal experience left him.

Tu casa es mi casa is now available on HBO, with its first four seasons, as Moska visits Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago de Chile, Chile, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Week against the clock

Without traveling in a private jet, riding in a limousine, or having any luxury one would think of in the world of music, Paulinho almost left Mosca. back bag To visit Spanish-speaking countries, in both South America and the rest of the continent.

The dynamics were the same, to touch al-Qaeda in a city and from there to pass through parts far away from them Traditional tourism. Meet people, walk the streets and even visit places for science, always with musical inspiration at hand.

“Every Sunday we landed in Balad, and on Monday we had a day to wander around town and discuss things, yes it was there Pre-productionWhere we were recording, cafes, museums, squares, and there were local producers who actually produced these sites, “Mosca tells.

The scientific issues were known in advance, plus the musicians who would appear on the show had been contacted in advance, but there was still a surprising factor, as Musca didn’t speak directly to anyone until he got there. The challenge happened, in less than a week he composed a science-themed song to be covered, but it was simple and popular with a touch, plus Graphic Designer I offer you an idea of ​​a tattoo.

The Twelve Children of Paulinho Mosca

for him Brazilian singer-songwriter It is impossible for him to choose one of the places he visited as his favorite, as he says that it is like choosing between children, confirming that he loves them all, so he proudly wears the 12 tattoos he wears on his left arm and that he will accompany the rest of your life.

“It’s hard, I have a lot of affection for the episode in Colombia, because Andrea Achievry She is a very beautiful friend, the subject matter of light, the photons touched me a lot, the wonderful visual artist. And Mexico, too, very well Ximena Sariñana And Fernando Llanos’ photoHe is a great plastic artist, all places were very beautiful, “he describes.

In addition, for Musca, the importance of your home is mine is that it shows the world a different perspective than what is known in Latin America, which is that there is something more than what is known, whether in the news or in the videos of the landmarks of the city. He says it’s like opening a window on the human side CitizensAnd customs and cultures.

The hope is that this series will be shown in Europe, Japan and the United States, to break the notion that we are a third world, of colors, parties and people without culture.

Paulinho Mosca


“No, we have very good art, science and thought, in the end when I see it in the midst of a pandemic, it makes me cry a lot, because it seems to me a little insightful, because there are a lot of hugs, not only physical, it’s also the idea of ​​embracing science, Latin America, art and people,” he points .

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