Science Parade will take place on April 25th

Science Parade will take place on April 25th

Next Sunday, April 25, Panamanian scientists and friends of science will join forces to celebrate the March of Science.

The organizers announced that this event, which is a global initiative, for the second year in a row, that seeks to highlight the importance of science in our daily life, will be held virtually.

Under the slogan “Science is part of the solution”, people will be able to participate in this activity explaining on their social networks why they love science?

Those interested should record a video of up to 30 seconds in length or take a picture with a banner, which includes a message explaining why you love the science.

Then, they have to post it on their social networks with the tags #MarchaPorLaCiencia, #YoAmoLaCiencia, #LaCienciaNosUne, and # CienciaEnPanamá.

“The epidemic has shown that investment in science, technology and innovation is vital for countries to face crises like this and move forward,” they highlighted in the note.

They added in the document that organizing this event in Panama seeks to draw attention to three needs:

Building public policies on scientific evidence.

Sufficient investment so that the National System for Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) can develop the local capabilities and resources necessary for the country’s economic revitalization, and the creation of highly qualified jobs, and the well-being and quality of life of the population. Panama.

Science works simultaneously with and with society.

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