sensitive? Gomita once again worries his fans about his current state of health: video


Once again, the state of health Araceli Ordaz, Known as “Gomita“, Alarmed his fans, who in recent weeks were aware of the celebrity’s developments and then presented complications after undergoing some plastic surgeries.

Recently through his Instagram Stories, Gomita He shared a message with his fans in which he expressed his health indicating that he was feeling bad again.

Because of her symptoms, the former clown went to a medical center to undergo several medical studies, she confirms There is something wrong with your body.

In your post, you shared it with your fans ??Gomita?? She was said to be worried because after the medical examination, several things related to her health had not gone well, for example Thyroid gland, pancreas, liver, and kidneysHe said it was not working properly because there was something not cold in my body, “the model said.

Grateful despite the tough times

Despite her uncertain health, the former comedian highlighted his gratitude for having spite Difficult moments He is grateful to have a family always by his side. In this sense, he thanked God and asked that these people be alive and that his family always be happy.

Until now it is not known exactly what the state of health is Araceli Ordaz, Because he did not share the current medical diagnosis, however, it appeared a week earlier in the morning Azteca TV ?? Come joy ??As it was revealed He suffered from his health after undergoing plastic surgery That didn’t go well.

Even during the program, he said that he needed to have a drainage bag in his body, to extract some of the materials resulting from bad surgery.


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