Pedro Sanchez takes over as Prime Minister of Spain before King Felipe VI

Pedro Sanchez takes over as Prime Minister of Spain before King Felipe VI

(CNN in Spanish) — After receiving enough votes in the House of Representatives to re-certify his position, Pedro Sánchez traveled this Friday morning to the Zarzuela Palace to take his position before King Felipe VI.

“I pledge, out of conscience and honour, to faithfully perform the duties of the office of head of government, with loyalty to the King, to uphold and ensure the preservation of the Constitution as a fundamental rule of the state, as well as to maintain the secrecy of the deliberations of the Council of Ministers,” Sánchez said.

The ceremony was attended by Speaker of the House of Representatives Francina Armengol. Senate President Pedro Roland; Acting Justice Secretary Pilar Loeb and others.

However, it faces a complex and difficult legislature, as stated by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party. The government’s stability will now depend not only on its partners in Soumare, but also on the powers with which it has reached political agreements and which it must abide by to ensure its support when it presents legislative projects in Parliament.

Nothing is known yet about the new cabinet. It currently consists of the president and 22 other ministers, but it is not known whether this composition will be modified as portfolios are reduced and whether all members will be changed or some will be retained.

(Photo source: His Majesty the King’s family)

The day Sanchez was re-elected as president ended with new protests. Nearly 4,000 people gathered yesterday afternoon in front of the headquarters of the Socialist Workers’ Party in Madrid, according to statements from the government delegation in Madrid, a gathering that began peacefully and culminated in accusations and brawls by the police, with seven people arrested and urban materials destroyed and burned. Groups of extremists.

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