Penango hanged himself with silver 42 years ago

Penango hanged himself with silver 42 years ago

On a day like yesterday, but in 1980, Venezuelan boxer Bernardo Pinango won the only Olympic medal (silver) for Venezuela, at the exhibition held in Moscow, and Russia at the moment is the fifth metal that our country gets in these events.

Piñango, one of the eleven boxers that Venezuela presented at the event, is only 19 years old and after five tough fights, won the only national delegation medal he will always remember.

In the bantam weight category 54kg, the Caracas native also commented, on that occasion, with the third Olympic medal awarded by boxing to Venezuela.

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Francisco “Morochetto” Rodriguez, in the light flyweight category, was the lead for gold at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Later, welterweight Pedro Gamaro won the silver at the 1976 Montreal event.

graze glory

To oppose the fight for first place in the event, Piñango had to beat five opponents beforehand. In the first place he defeated Ernesto Alguera (Nicaragua), then Fili Kota (Finland), then John Siryakibe (Uganda), then Siber Dumitri (Romania), until he reached the final, losing without discussion, unfortunately, to Juan Bautista Hernandez (Cuba). ).

Our nation arrived in the Soviet Union with a total of 37 athletes who competed in 7 sports (boxing, athletics, cycling, men’s football, weightlifting, swimming, shooting sports).

The national flag bearer at the opening ceremony was the distinguished boxer Antonio Esparagoza, featherweight -57 kg, who was prematurely bid farewell to that competition in his first fight, falling to Britain’s Peter Joseph Hanlon.

Piñango as a professional left 32 fights, 25 wins, 3 draws and only 5 losses. He won the WBA World Bantamweight and Super Bantamweight titles.

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